5 Ways in Which User Design Affects SEO Rankings

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Regardless of whether you have a medium-sized firm or a large corporation, your website has a major impact on your brand image. Have you ever seen a well-designed website and thought “this has to be a major brand”?

It happens to all of us! Customers will often make a perception of the quality of a brand’s products or services based on how well the website is structured, the content’s quality, etc. Even if you run a large corporation, but don’t have a well-designed website, you’ll lose many customers.

Worst of all, it will affect your SEO rankings!

UX design and good SEO go hand-in-hand and poor UX design can cause your website rankings to plummet. So, how exactly does UX design affect your website rankings?

Read on to find out!

What is UX Design?

When you think of “design”, what do you picture? You’ll probably think of high-quality pictures, well-placed content, and something aesthetically pleasing. This is exactly what UX design is all about!

However, UX design is not only about the aesthetic appeal of your website. In many ways, it serves a practical purpose. Your website’s UX design includes how well you place content, call-to-action buttons, links and forms.

All these affect your website’s conversion rate.

So, if you are looking to get more website conversions, then make sure you have the ideal UX design.

How UX Design Affects SEO?

By now you know that UX design is crucial in improving your website’s conversion rate. So, how does it affect your website’s SEO?

Here are 5 ways in which your website’s UX design affects your SEO:

It Increases Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you are a customer looking for a particular product or service online, you’ll likely visit a website that is high on the rankings. If you visit the website and see oversized pictures, text that is too small, and a website that looks like it was designed by a 12-year-old, then you’ll probably leave the website immediately.

This affects the bounce rate. If customers aren’t satisfied with your website design, your bounce rate will increase and SEO rankings will decrease. Google often penalizes websites with a high bounce rate, which is why UX design is crucial.

It Affects Your Website’s Ease of Navigation

One of the older SEO practices involved creating different content “sections” aimed at keeping the user engaged for longer. You may have noticed that some websites are structured in a way that makes it more difficult to conclude an article, review, or product description. While this is generally regarded as an effective way to boost the page’s “dwell time”, it can negatively affect your SEO.

When designing your website, make sure it is easy for the user to get to the conclusion. If you place your CTAs correctly, you’ll be able to increase your conversions even though customers may stay on your site for less time!

Well Structured Content is Great For SEO

One of the major components of UX design is structure. Your website’s structure affects the content’s value and readability, which is a key component of SEO. Google favours content that is informative and direct, which is why you’ll notice that most of the articles on the first page are well structured.

When structuring your content, make sure you add lists, images, and “steps”. This will allow users to navigate the content more easily and improve your rankings.

UX Design Affects Website Loading Speed

Loading speed is essential for good rankings. Have you ever visited a website that took too long to load?

Chances are it left a bad impression of the company or brand.

The same could happen to your website if you don’t take care of the UX design. For example, if your website has unoptimized images, large videos, and a lack of clear structure, it could affect the page’s loading speed.

UX Design is Essential for a Responsive Website

Nowadays nearly half of all web traffic comes from smartphones. Whether you run a business website or e-commerce store, your website must be responsive. The best SEO company in Pakistan will also evaluate the responsiveness of your website to optimize your SEO strategy.

Having the right UX design features will improve the responsiveness of your website. So, when designing your website make sure it’s optimized for mobile. So, if you want to improve your website rankings, then having the right UX design is essential. The best SEO company in Karachi or SEO company in Lahore will help you not only with SEO but also UX design, hosting, and everything else you need to grow your brand online!

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