Virginian, James Drury West

The Virginian James Drury Vest


The Virginian movie was released in 1962. On September 19, it is a very authentic movie that includes great actors and was produced by over investor Ann James Drury. James Drury plays the character of the executioner in this movie and was a really great actor who used to like discipline an organization all around him. He was someone who was playing the character of mainly Dan was also the producer of the Virginian movie. This amazing actor was someone to be inspired by and that is why his outfits were a huge deal. Because the audience was very much admired by his style and his personality. Everyone actually liked the way he portrayed the character and was actually admired by the way his portrayal was described. The way he carried his outfits was to be inspired from and that is why this outfit, which is named as the Virginian, James Drury vest, has taken inspiration from.

This great outfit, which is named The Virginian, James Drury West. Is inspired by a film named the Virginian, which was released in 1962, and the main character of the executioner was played by James Drury. This amazing outfit has been manufactured from leather fabric which gives a really elite look and is beneficial for making a formal entrance. This amazing outfit comes with an inner viscose lining which gives the facility of comfortability and insulation and is best for winter outfits. It will definitely serve as the best winter outfit because it will be able to provide the warmth and heat which will be required. This amazing outfit comes with a cropped jacket style which is the best. This amazing style, which is known as the Virginian West, has two great features which are very good and have great way advantages.  It has the most amazing feature which includes lapel style collar and front open closure which is extremely beneficial for making a really great look and impression. You all will be definitely shocked to see that it comes with a flap waist pocket option which is situated on the waist side. It is available here on this amazing website and is made in black color.


  • The Virginian 1962
  • Worn by James Drury


  • Leather stuff
  • Inner soft viscose stuff
  • Cropped jacket
  • Front opened
  • Lapel collar
  • Flapped waist pockets
  • Black color

The list written below is able to provide you all with the idea that this amazing collection of the Virginian movie has become famous only because of the cast and crew of this movie. The way the actors were able to portray the character was very good. Because that is the only reason why the characters became the favorites of the audience. And that is the only reason why the admiration of the audience towards the characters was increased. People really word appreciated the portrayal of the characters and that is why the outfits of the characters created a huge hype and became a very signature.

  • James Drury as the Virginian
  • Lee J. Cobb as Judge Garth
  • Doug McClure as Trampas
  • Gary Clarke as Steve Hill
  • Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth
  • Charles Bickford as John Grainger
  • Jeannette Nolan as Clay Grainger’s wife, Holly

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